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Translations are the core of our business: we provide translation services from and to all European languages in a wide range of fields: marketing, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, commercial, scientific, etc.

We offer:

  • Real added value: We have made a conscious decision to specialize in European languages only because, as translation agency, we pride ourselves in bringing real added value to all translation projects.
  • Transparent prices: We base our offers on source word counts, thus ensuring a complete transparency of our prices, with no hidden costs for the customer.
  • Translations by native speakers: We use highly qualified native speakers with the relevant experience as regards the nature of the source text.
  • Accuracy: We provide support for translators in finding key terms and centralising source text- related questions.
  • Multi-language project management: In the case of multiple language combinations, we streamline all versions.
  • Flawless layout: Even when the source text is provided in a non-editable format, we pay particular attention to providing the customer with a flawless duplicate layout of the target texts.
  • DTP services: When it comes to special typesetting requirements, we employ the services of a DTP specialist.
  • Quality control: We undertake thorough quality control by checking the integrity of the target text, the accuracy of names, numbers, spelling & grammar.

We handle each translation project in accordance with the demands of the source text and assign it with respect to a translator's field of specialisation and expertise.

Considerable discounts are available for large projects and/or regular work. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote or a tailored offer.

Read further for an overview of our differentiated price packages:

1. Premium Plus Translation

Your best option for demanding and crucially important texts: translation + proofreading + in-house quality control

Premium Plus is a tailor-made package for demanding texts containing very specific terminology. This option is recommended if the material you wish to have translated contains crucial content:

  • complex legal and financial texts
  • public announcements, PR material, advertising material
  • highly technical user manuals
  • medical and pharmaceutical texts
  • software translation and localization

In addition to Premium (see below), this package includes proofreading by an independent translator with a background in the field in question, thus ensuring that the final translation is accurate and rendered in an impeccable style.

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2. Premium Translation

High-quality translations at cost-effective prices: translation of standard text & in-house quality control

Our Premium Package is aimed at customers who need superior quality translations while keeping an eye on their budget.

  • This option is recommended for the translation of texts with a medium level of difficulty, like standard business and legal documents (contracts, minutes, articles of incorporation)
  • product descriptions, questionnaires, etc.
  • newspaper articles

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3. Budget Translation

Low-cost translations for standard texts with a low level of difficulty: translation of simple texts + in-house quality control

Our budget offer meets the needs of customers who need fast turn-around and accurate translation of simple, undemanding texts intended for internal company use.

It is the recommended option for the following source texts:

  • verbatims
  • opinion polls
  • internal memos
  • general correspondence

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Little Shop of Translations' offers are subject to our general terms and conditions. By accepting our offer, you are accepting our terms and conditions.

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